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Plant Kharido collaborates with Zypp Electric for eco-friendly deliveries within 4 hours!

Plant Kharido is an E-commerce Platform for all Plants lovers that serves your favourite plants on your doorstep by bringing you the best quality of handpicked plants and seeds directly from the nurseries at affordable prices.

On 5th June, a Delhi-based green-tech start-up, Plants Kharido, started its operations in Delhi NCR. The company offers 3000+ plants & planters along with ensuring their delivery within 4 hours of order confirmation through their collaboration with Zypp. Plants Kharido strategically planned their marketing campaigns around green product delivery services and started a youth program of making Green Ambassadors, on this special occasion of World Environment Day. By electing college students & small social media influencers as their Green Ambassadors, they plan to reach the youngsters, making their Green Mission a fad.

In the wake of the recent pandemic, people around the world have finally begun to understand the gravity of pollution, climate change and the importance of preserving nature. Plants Kharido did not shy away from leveraging this opportunity with their well-executed digital marketing campaign and exclusive discounts on the special day, giving their business a boost and helping them reach new customers by tempting them into purchasing their plants to celebrate the day.

In an effort to ensure eco-friendly and climate-conscious deliveries, the business has partnered with Zypp and to mark the launching day, Akash Gupta, the Co-founder, and CEO of Zypp Electric said, ”It feels good to partner with the plant-delivery company, Plants Kharido. Zypp has strived to collaborate with start-ups and companies that face delivery problems. The good part of this partnership is that we get to deliver green plants through our eco-friendly delivery services, furthering our matching mission to increase sustainability and reduce pollution. With similar visions, our companies gel well together to achieve our mission of zero emissions.”

With the sole purpose of connecting plant lovers with nearby nurseries and plant sellers, Plants Khardio is working hard to build a meaningful network of customers and onboarding different nurseries to solve their respective grievances and make life less difficult for their clients. Ultimately, they wish to achieve their claims of becoming the 1st green-tech start-up with the fastest delivery services in India within 4 hours.