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Druva to expand headcount in Hyderabad

Cloud data protection and management company Druva has announced that it has increased its India headcount by 50 per cent in the last two years and, particularly, in Hyderabad it has expanded its research and development footprint. In the city it is focused on tapping the region’s cloud expertise to bolster its research, development, and innovation initiatives.

Druva’s engineering team has developed industry-firsts and breakthrough SaaS technologies that have been critical to the launch of the industry’s first at-scale SaaS platform for data resiliency, the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud. The company has received a total of 29 patents to date, with 19 being awarded in just the last three years.

“Increasingly today’s businesses require tools which can strengthen data resiliency and protect their ever-expanding number of workloads within SaaS solutions and cloud environments,” said Milind Borate, co-founder and Chief Development Officer, Druva.