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In conversation with Peppermint Robotics: Revolutionizing Industrial and Commercial Automation

– What are your views of the growth of the sector (Give metrics if possible)

Industrial and Commercial robotics is a segment which is growing rapidly in India and across the world. In a post Covid world, the industrial and commercial sectors are prioritizing productivity, safety and sustainability. This has accelerated the adoption of automation led solutions. We at Peppermint Robotics are responding to urgent demand for our cleaning and material handling robots in India, North American and Europe

– What are the significant developments that have taken place in the sector

This deserves some context. Over the last decade in Robots, the technology cost fit has entered mainstream.

While the cutting edge software solutions had a head-start ; the cost of motors, sensors and actuators which enable these robots to work effectively has reached costs which makes the ROI achievable and practical.

Further, the shortage of skilled workforce in mundane workflows like commercial cleaning, industrial material handling is unprecedented and prominent.

All of these are helping the robotics sectors to scale rapidly.

– How is Peppermint poised in this industry as of now

Peppermint Robotics is a full stack robotics co with indigenously developed autonomous mobility software, supporting electronics + control systems and also the mechanical application.

With an end-to-end solution, Peppermint is uniquely positioned to suffice customer requirements with world-class, safety certified and cost-efficient robots.

Peppermint became India’s first company to certify and export commercial cleaning robots to North America and Europe in FY23-24 and is now scaling up rapidly in the said markets.

– Major challenges faced?

The challenges include – educating the users of the robots with its strengths and technological limitations.

Also to implement these robots, it requires a planned workflow which needs a mutual planning amongst all stakeholders to simplify change-management.

Peppermint competes with full stack global robotics companies like – Gaussian Robotics (China) and Braincorp (USA)

– Is this sector witnessing a dip / decline or high growth

The industrial and commercial robotics sector is experiencing very rapid growth. According to the International Labour Office (ILO), automation with existing technologies is expected to impact more than 50% of roles globally. This trend underscores the accelerating adoption of automation-led solutions in industries prioritizing productivity, safety, and sustainability.

According to the International Labour Office (ILO), automation has the potential to affect more than 50% of jobs worldwide. This statistic underscores the significant impact of automation technologies in reshaping industries and economies globally. The ILO’s report on automation, employment, and trade highlights that while automation can lead to job displacement in some sectors, it also creates opportunities for new types of jobs and enhances productivity in others. This dual effect is crucial in understanding the dynamic changes brought about by robotics and automation in industrial and commercial sectors. For more detailed insights, you can explore the full reports from the ILO using the following links:

– What significant / new advancements can be expected

Mobile Robotics in Industrial and Commercial Applications will undergo rapid adoption.

The cost optimisations with a mature supply chain – especially around sensors, battery tech, motors will catalyze the segment.

Further, with the advent of deep-learning platforms, AI becoming compute accessible, the robotics technologies will develop faster than ever before.

– How is Peppermint reshaping the industry

Peppermint is changing the status-quo in commercial cleaning robots. It is cleaning > Billion* sq.ft. of floor space every year ; thereby saving man-hours, enhancing sustainable cleaning and automating undesired workflows (*approx) 

  • ~50% of Peppermint Robots are adopted directly by end customers and the balance 50% with channel partners and facility management companies by implementing highly efficient hybrid workflows together  (robot + manpower) 
  • As of FY 24-25, Peppermint is shipping robots across 4 continents, keeping in-line with its global mission. 
  • In developing countries, there is a larger emphasis on higher productivity brought by Peppermint Robots. Whereas in the developed countries, Peppermint is addressing acute manpower shortage faced by commercial and industrial segments. 
  • With its modular robot architecture, Peppermint is empowering its users to upgrade the robots with its plug-and-play accessories – as their needs evolve over the lifecycle of the robot ; thereby optimizing the Total Cost of Ownership of the robots. 


Runal Dahiwade

CEO | Peppermint Robotics