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The Personalized Path of Data Sutram: Crafting Success with Hyper-personalisation

– Rajit Bhattacharya, Co-founder, Data Sutram

When you have hyper-personalisation at the core of what you’re building, delving deeper is a muscle memory. Any and every opportunity to deep dive into transformative journeys excites to me like a young lad in a candy store.

Hi there, I am Rajit Bhattacharya, a passionate data scientist who lives the privilege of building Data Sutram every single day as their co-founder and growth expert. Driven by a commitment to help brands offer services that are hyper-personalized, we at Data Sutram envision a world where every consumer interaction is powered by data, experiences are tailor-made and enjoy services that are uncompromised on quality.

Given the opportunity to uncover what goes on behind-the-scenes, allow me to take you on a Personalized journey of Data Sutram, staying true to its identity. An array of pivotal decisions, strategic partial exits, lessons in stakeholder management and a whole lot of madness that goes into building our product suites.

Embracing Hyper-personalisation as Our Core Philosophy

Since inception,at Data Sutram, we recognised that the sheer potential of data is not just to inform but also to transform businesses by delivering Personalized user experiences. Our first pivotal decision was to develop proprietary tech that filters the data available/ collected responsibly, through multiple credible filters. These nuanced data when filtered across various touch points would release an array of insights that help enterprises solve across consumer life cycles. Meaning, help enterprises from across industries understand their consumer behaviors, preferences, and needs with remarkable precision.

Investing in AI and machine learning was not just a technological choice but a strategic one, this enabled and continues to enable us to analyze vast datasets and uncover patterns that predict consumer needs and future behaviors. By integrating these technologies, we have empowered several clients from the BFSI, CPG, Healthcare and other sectors to offer predictive and highly enhanced and Personalized services.

This exercise began first within our four walls before it was open to the public. We understood that our team thrives in a setting that offers a spacious room for innovation and experimentation. Building a corporate culture centered on innovation has been crucial and proven to be productive. We encourage our team to think from the user’s perspective, innovating solutions that are as adaptable and dynamic as the consumers we study. This culture has been vital in our ability to continuously improve and refine our hyper-personalisation technologies.

Strategic Exits to Sustain Hyper Personalized Innovation

The decision to partially exit was strategically timed to capitalize on the high market demand for Personalized data solutions. This not only maximized our returns but also attracted investors who were committed to the vision of a Personalized consumer ecosystem. Just as superheroes need a stellar support team—because behind every great one, there’s an even greater team ensuring they can save the day. As a founder you must be made aware that I personally do live to invest in a team that can ensure they can save the day (this includes having a great set of investors backing us up).

In preparing for this or any exit, we are always keen to demonstrate the scalability of our approaches. We have case studies to our credit where our solutions significantly helped increase consumer retention and satisfaction, detection of mules and frauds (reducing risks) and exponential growth for celebrated names in the banking sector. All of which underscore the tangible benefits of external data and power of understanding your consumer better.

Diversifying our investor base is a conscious and strategic move. As young founders we value consistent counsel from the seasoned players and our ears are always attuned to fresh perspectives from them. This has ensured a stable and supportive investment environment conducive to pioneering new frontiers in our goals to empower brands from across industries and across the country, and soon beyond borders too!

There’s immense gratitude for communities like IAN, whose foundational support and early bets have been crucial in crafting our thriving ecosystem. As we gear up for the next phase of growth, we invite our current investors to gracefully pave the way for a new wave of eager contributors and encourage them to join our journey toward innovative personalisation.

Lessons from Managing Relationships in a Personalized Data World As clichéd as I might sound, transparency has been a cornerstone of our relationship with investors. In a field as dynamic and sometimes unpredictable as hyper personalisation, being upfront about challenges and successes has helped build a foundation of trust and shared goals (with my generation of entrepreneurs I’m glad to have learned early on that it does work best that way).

Managing and aligning expectations requires a balance between ambition and achievable targets. By setting realistic goals, we have been able to deliver on our promises albeit the hiccups, thereby reinforcing investor confidence in our long-term vision for personalized services.

Data Sutram’s journey may not have been long to date, but it is already a testament to the power of hyper-personalisation in creating a world where data intelligence meets individual consumer needs. By making strategic decisions to invest in the right technologies and culture, carefully navigating our partial exit, and maintaining robust relationships with our investors and stakeholders, we have set the stage for a future where every consumer experience is personalized to perfection.

As we zoom through the thrilling world of data, our dedication to crafting ultra-personalised, snazzy experiences never skips a beat. Huge thanks for riding along on this wild journey with me here and with the whole Data Sutram team to date! Do stay tuned for exciting innovations and celebrations we jet towards an even more tailored future.