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Papa Pawsome Raises $400K in Seed Round Led by IAN

New Delhi, 5th February 2024: Papa Pawsome, the Indian natural pet care brand, announces the successful completion of a $400,000 seed funding round led by the Indian Angel Network (IAN). The funding aims to elevate the well-being of pets and their owners and includes participation from another key strategic investor.

IAN investors such as Ajay Rajgarhia, KRS Jamwal, Jayant Mehrotra and Rohit Rajput also participated in this round. The funds raised will be instrumental in scaling operations, expanding offerings, and enhancing the overall customer experience. Papa Pawsome is an award-winning 100% natural and lick-safe brand free from all nasties. The infusion of capital will also expedite the development of cutting-edge products, ensuring that Papa Pawsome remains at the forefront of the evolving pet care landscape.
The brand recognizes that pets are not just companions; they are integral members of the family. With this ethos at its core, Papa Pawsome has become synonymous with excellence in pet hygiene, offering a comprehensive range of products designed to cater to the specific requirements of today’s pet-centric households.

Nishita Agarwal, Co-Founder at Papa Pawsome, said, “The Indian market lacked effective and quality-driven pet hygiene products. Thus began the official journey of Papa Pawsome. Our mission is to strengthen the bond between pet parents and their adorable furry friends by providing products that are wholesome and don’t compromise on quality. This funding will help Papa Pawsome realise its vision to become the platform for pet parents seeking quality and convenient pet care solutions.”

Now, with more than 25 SKUs ranging from hygiene essentials like shampoos, serums, massage oils, training sprays to grooming services, Papa Pawsome is an emerging startup in the petcare sector. Papa Pawsome looks forward to leveraging this strategic funding to deepen its impact on the pet care industry, enhance its customer-centric offerings, and solidify its position as an industry leader.

IAN’s (Indian Angel Network) investment in Papa Pawsome highlights the startup’s capacity to bring about a significant transformation in the pet care industry through its innovative approach. In other words, IAN sees Papa Pawsome as having the potential to revolutionise how pet care services are
delivered or experienced in the industry.

Padmaja Ruparel, Co-Founder of Indian Angel Network, said, “We believe in the team’s ability to harness technology and make a significant impact in the pet care space. We are proud to be part of their journey and look forward to contributing towards their success. We are confident that this investment will help Papa Pawsome further its mission and bring about positive change in this landscape.”

Ajay Rajgarhia, Lead Investor said, “The pet industry is evolving rapidly post the pandemic and is going to be the next booming sector, similar to the baby industry. Papa Pawsome is a D2C brand that offers Natural Pet Care products which meet the evolving needs of pet parents and they are building a strong community of pet parents. Nishita and Nikita are both great entrepreneurs with relevant backgrounds and are working towards making Papa Pawsome an household name.”
As urbanisation accelerates and the DINK (Double Income, No Kids) population grows, coupled with a heightened desire for companionship post-pandemic, the adoption of dogs has become a prevailing trend. Recognizing the burgeoning demand for elevated pet care standards in this evolving landscape, Papa Pawsome has carved out a distinctive niche in the pet hygiene sector.

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